Migrate WhatsApp number to JivoChat

We are really glad to know about your interest in migrating to our platform. At the moment it is possible only if you are able to disable the 2FA in the number from the current provider and also receive a short SMS system message so the number can be confirmed by Meta. In some cases, these providers own the number so it is not possible. You will need to contact their support so you can release the number from their side.

The rest of the process remain the same, you will need to register it in the meta platform and get your number ID, token and business account ID. We would love to help further but in cases in which the number is not released there is nothing from our side that can be done.

We finally recommend you to change the number to a new one. We understand how difficult it is for a business to change the contact number but you can always leave the old one wth a notice message about the new one and it will just redirect your beloved customers.

This will be efficient and you will be the owner of your number finally, you will depende directly on Meta services. We hope this article helped to solve your doubt. Thanks for trusting JivoChat for your business

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