Connect your
email to Jivo

We have speeded up the mail. Through Jivo emails are responded as fast as messages from messengers
Turn your email into another superfast communication channel
Emails will come to the Jivo app along with the live chat and social media messages
Respond to emails faster than competitors
Respond to emails in seconds while they are checking inbox, ticket system and a live chat
Focus on your customers
In the Jivo app, emails come to the same screen along with chats - there is no chance to miss an important message
No more email mess
Assign the agents responsible for email communications and avoid confusion when two managers respond to the same message at the same time
All customer data is conveniently organized in Jivo
It's simple - connect an email channel in the Jivo account settings
No more messages and email addresses will be lost.

Jivo captures the customer's contact details and automatically saves them in the app.
Speed up email communication by connecting to Jivo