Boost your team's efficiency
with JivoChat AI Assistant

Writing texts is a tedious process that takes a lot of time and attention. Let the integrated
OpenAI technology help your support team write faster and more diversely. Free up human
resources for deeper processing of customer requests.
More satisfied customers
74% of customers gave the highest satisfaction score to messages generated by an AI Assistant
Higher response rate
Up to 60%* of responses generated by an AI Assistant do not require corrections and can be sent to customers immediately
Elevated customer service
Support reps deal with customers’ problems, not writing texts. 73% of consumers say that customer experience is a deciding factor when making purchase decisions
* according to JivoChat research
Artificial intelligence for enhanced
support performance
Enter quick text in the chat window, click the AI button, and select one of the options. Correct the generated answer or send it
to the customer as-is — the final say is always with the human
Adjust tone and voice
Choose communication style to suit each customer’s mood. Make them feel comfortable here
Highlight key points
Summarize conversations to capture agreements or perform smoother handoffs
Fix spelling and grammar
Spelling mistakes can be an obstacle between you and the customer. AI assistant will help to avoid such misunderstandings
Save on subscriptions. There is no need for additional writing tools with
JivoChat AI Assistant
Ongoing response generation
Turn on JivoChat AI Copilot to prepare responses even when you’re busy with other tasks. Just check the details and send the finished message to the customer
Answers based on downloaded support content
Processing time reduced
Conducting multiple chats without loss of quality
Chat summaries to stay on top
Jivochat AI Assistant summarizes each conversation to provide you
with up-to-date information for doing business
Catch trouble chats, correct the situation in time and keep customer loyalty
Track frequency queries and, with them, increased demand for certain goods or services
Highlight recurring issues and optimize the customer journey
A single assistant
for multiple teams
to improve customer retention - fast and quality service increases customer loyalty and encourages them to return again
for good reputation - loyal customers recommend you to friends and leave positive reviews online
Sales and support
to inspire confidence - careful attitude encourages making a purchase
for fast messaging - agents only need to check the text, not write it from scratch
for staff training — use chat archives to analyze mistakes, create scripts and improve the team's communication skills
to build business processes - highlight frequently asked questions to better know your audience and create the best customer journey ever
Simplify tedious tasks
with JivoChat AI Assistant