Werk in real-time samen met uw klanten en verhoog uw omzet

Een GRATIS communicatiemiddel waarmee u uw klanten kunt monitoren en met hen kunt chatten op uw website, Facebook, Telegram en Viber.

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How to install the chat code on Shopify

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For our customers who use Shopify website builder we have developed a special plugin that allows you to install the chat widget without installing the chat code on site.

You just need to follow these steps:

1.Open our web app or any of our Desktop apps and log into it.

If you don’t have a JivoChat account yet, you can skip this step. The account will be created later

2.Go to Shopify and open our app in AppStore

3.Press “Get” button to start installation


4.Next, if you don’t have an account in our service it will be created automatically with the same login as you have in Shopify. Also, please note that the login and password will be sent to you by email.


5.If you already have a JivoChat account, you will be offered to install the app


Choose an existing channel in your Jivo account from which you want the code to be installed on your website


When you finish, you will be redirected to our app with a success message


That’s all! Now you have our chat installed on your website and your customers will be able to chat with you.

Heeft u nog vragen? Ons ondersteuningsteam staat voor je klaar om je 24/7 te helpen in de chat op onze site.